Welcome to Young Science Achievers 2016-2017 Program Year

For YSAP students, parents and teachers in this year’s program, please register at the link below to attend the Student Symposium and Annual Awards Celebration at AT&T on Wednesday, June 2017.  (Actual date and time TBD.)

Please note that tickets are on a first-come basis so register early.

All students, parents, and teacher MUST register individually.

Click Here to Register for AT&T Event


All interested students should apply online at the link below:
YSAP/MIRTHE  will have two opportunities for high school students to conduct research with MIRTHE faculty members at Princeton University and The City College of New York for a five week internship for reserved for  YSAP participants.  The summer program will engage in cutting-edge research with faculty mentors at these two MIRTHE universities.  Students are matched with faculty mentors, who are engaged in research in the students’ general areas of interest; they either participate with ongoing research projects or develop projects of their own consultation with their faculty mentors.
  • student must be at least 16 years old and will be entering 12th grade in September, 2017
  • student must be a U.S. citizens and permanent resident;
  • students who are historically underrepresented in the sciences and engineering (i.e., African-American, Hispanic, Native Pacific Islander or Native American, and girls) are especially encouraged to apply
  • students must have reliable transportation to and from the location (Princeton, NJ or New York City) – housing is not provided through this program. 




Please note that the DEADLINE for submitting final reports is Friday, May  2017 

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