Getting Started

Develop Your Project Ideas (Preparing Your Project Proposal)

Deadline for submitting Student Project Proposals: December 2, 2016

Submit Project Application on the YSAP Home Page or Click on the Link Below:

 Click Here to Submit Student Application

Projects may be chosen in any field of science, technology, engineering or mathematics.  Propose a project of your own. Choose or modify a project from the YSAP student project handbook. We also accept invention projects.

For more Ideas:

Download YSAP Handbook

Student Eligibility Rules:

  • Attending public or private high schools (grades 9 through 12) in the New Jersey or New York City, Dallas Fort Worth, or greater Chicago metropolitan area
  • Under-represented student (URS) in the fields of STEM is defined as follows:
    • Girls of any ethnicity
    • Boys of African American, Hispanic or Native American descent
  • Students not considered under-represented are also encouraged to apply in accordance to the following guidelines:
    • Group of 2 students: at least 1 URS
    • Group of 3 students: at least 2 URS
    • Group of 4 students: at least 2 URS
    • Group of 5 students: at least 3 URS
  • We encourage students  to work in teams (Max of 5 students per project)
  • We will also accept a project proposals submitted by one URS
  • No student may apply for more than one project.
  • There is no limit on number of projects submitted by one school
  • No student may apply for more than one project. If any student applies for more than one project, that student will be disqualified from the program. If the remaining students in the group do not meet the eligibility requirements above, the project will be disqualified.

Each project proposal requires submission of  a YSAP Project Proposal Application.

The project proposal must be written in the present tense. (If you describe the project using the past tense, we will infer that the work has already been done and we will not fund your project.) We fund projects that will be done in the current school year only. Proposals for summer projects will not be accepted.

As part of your budget, include what equipment you need and how much it will cost. Whenever possible, include the model number of the equipment you are proposing to buy, along with the make, model name, and any other identifying information. Indicate if you need a special type or brand of equipment that is more expensive than similar equipment, along with an explanation of why you need this more expensive item.

Funding is limited to $500 per project. The $500 can be used for:
Purchase of materials and equipment
Travel expenses to local/regional science fair competitions
Materials to build the display board for the student symposium presentation

NOTE: If a piece of equipment is shared between projects, the total cost of the piece may exceed $500 , but each proportioned project cost must be less than $ 500. Please note the proportion cost and overall cost in your budget.